Seven advantages of online poker

Whether the nearest live casino is far away or you lack the confidence to put yourself through the rigors of live gaming, not being able to play poker when you are about to do so can be very frustrating. This is especially true for players in countries where online poker for real money is prohibited.

However, when you have access to online poker sites, there are a number of advantages to playing online.

No waiting time

Hardly anything is more frustrating than driving an hour to the nearest casino only to find on the spot that the cash game tables are full and ten players are still on the waiting list. They went out of their way to get here so you’ll want to play before you head home.

More hands

Online poker allows you also to play far additional hands than at live tables. There’s a motive the online generation became so good so quickly: they play more hands in one year than a seasoned veteran has played in their entire life – even if it was play-money poker.

Since there is an exact time window available for every decision, the hands in online poker never last too long. At live tables, on the other hand, there are quite a few players who incessantly waste time – until others “call the clock”. This tempts players to play hands that shouldn’t be played out of sheer boredom – and that is never a good strategy.

Several tables

Not only can you play more hands online, you can also play at more tables. Online players can also play several games at once – the variance is therefore less of a problem for these players in the long term.

Let’s imagine that you are playing online poker tournaments. Just playing one tournament and putting all your hopes on it only makes your disappointment grow if it doesn’t work out after all. If you play several tournaments at once, it doesn’t matter which one you fail because you still have a chance of winning.

The game selection

If no-limit hold’em is not your thing, there are other poker games you can try. As long as you are not in Las Vegas or in a special live card room, you will have enormous difficulty finding a wide range of options. Most poker rooms only offer a few games.